Team Airmaster’s mission to connect and support Yorkshire during COVID-19

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Founded in 1992, Airmaster air conditioning has always resided in South Yorkshire. As we have grown into a 35-employee team with £9m annual turnover, we have always stayed true to our core values. These values centre around how we can help both customers and the community.

We have responded and adapted to the COVID-19 situation by providing extra support for existing customers. This includes additional cleaning, ​disinfection and maintenance​ to ensure the safety of ventilation and air circulation systems in their premises.   We’re also working hard to service critical areas including hospitals, supermarkets, data centres and petrol stations to ensure their safety and continuation.

Thankfully, operations continue and we’re able to help the wider Yorkshire community because of our fantastic team. We want to give a special thanks to members of team Airmaster going the extra mile for their amazing work optimising downtime.

James Dawson, a design engineer, developed a fast response by turning around a technically illustrated risk assessment methods to help solve previous barriers posing a safety risk during this pandemic.  Here is an illustrated method detailing installing mechanical components that normally requires two operative’s working in close proximity but now allows social distancing to be maintained.

Senior staff, Gareth Campell and Ian Fisher, played an important role in reaching out to key sectors responsible for keeping Britain going to offer support.

Lisa Pogson, Airmaster MD, has been leading by example and sponsoring face shields across our local area, focusing on care homes to protect the most vulnerable. She has journeyed as far as Leeds to donate dozens of visors to Martin House Hospice, who support young people with life-limiting conditions.

Engineers that are not working in critical areas have also been donating Airmaster face shields to care homes and testing facilities around Rotherham and Swallownest.

Everyone has gone out of their way working together to help the wider Yorkshire community during tough times and we’re proud to have trained up such an amazing team of people from apprentices right up to directors who embody the spirit of helping others where we can.

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